Friday, May 09, 2008

Cheap case = hard upgrades!

Cheap Case = Hard Upgrade

Here’s a tip from my system builder days. I recently upgraded my workstation and made the mistake of getting a cheap case. My thinking was “Well it just sits under my desk, so who cares what it looks like??” BIG MISTAKE! I just tried to put in a new hard drive since VPCs eat up space, and what a gong show!
In order to get the new drive into the cheap case, I had to remove:
The other 2 hard drives
All the RAM chips
The Motherboard power supply cable
The IDE cables to the CD drives
The video card
The USB extension card

So what should have taken 30 seconds ended up taking me over a half hour. And of course the scary part of removing everything, is wondering whether I it all back correctly!

So, if upgrading and buying a new case, don’t judge a case by it’s cover! You might not care what it looks like but ALWAYS asks the folks in the shop about expandability and the ease of changing components.

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