Friday, February 02, 2007

So Vista has launched and websites everywhere are talking about how although Microsoft says it’s the most secure OS they have released for consumers, there are bound to be security holes.

Gee, do you think?

Why can’t we stop talking about this and everyone just get over the fact that ANY computer system has vulnerabilities, and those are caused by the very features people want. You want a more secure computer system? Then don’t plug it into that cable modem. Oh wait, we can’t do that because then you won’t be able to chat with your new online friend in Timbuktu and send those pictures of Uncle Nestor’s new dog. Face it folks, if you want all those great features, and you seem to, there are GOING to be risks! And please note that I did not say that not plugging into the cable modem would make the system secure, it’s just a bit more secure than the one that *is* plugged in!

People like to make that joke about cars vs. computers so let's use that analogy and ask this: are cars secure? Can someone steal your car if they REALLY want to? Hell yes! And why?? Because the doors are a possible security risk, but how would we get in the car without them or if we welded them shut to prevent access?? The starter is a possible security risk, but how we would start the car without it? And let’s not forget the windows, we could cover them up with steel plating so they couldn’t be broken and deny access to the car that way, but a window with a steel plate over it ain’t much of a window now is it?!

Does that help all you folks out there understand the problem Microsoft faces? People want features, and those features create security risks. And don’t even try and say that the Mac/UNIX/Linux is secure because if someone REALLY wanted to hack those systems, they damn well can, will, and do. It’s just that the press they would get from the 16 people who use Macs getting upset isn't worth thier time. And that includes that loser on those commercials- if Apple wanted to show Macs as cool, why didn’t they pick a cool dude???

Here endeth the lesson.