Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My skills

Hi all:

I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought "Why not a bit of self-promotion!" :)

Here is a list of some of my skills and experiences, as well as some products and add-ons for Dynamics CRM I have available:

- Experience with Cocoa, Mac OSX, iPod/iPhone application development
- Experience with Computer Asscoiates ITCM
- Experience with InstallShield 2010
- 7 years experience with Microsoft CRM
- Skilled in all areas of Dynamics CRM including: practice building/management, pre-sales architecture presentations, strategic business process analysis, Dynamics CRM implmentations including any required customizations.
- 7 years experience with Java/Notes/Linux
- 8 years experience with Microsoft technologies
- 10 years experience pre-sales engineering
- excellent communications skills
- excellent presentation skills

CRM ISV Solutions available for sale
- Financial Services Accelerator
-Professional Services Accelerator
- Staffing Accelerator
- Municipal Accelerator
- RFP Management Accelerator

Web Portals, Add-Ons and Plugins
- Outlook group mailing list addon
- Outlook “auto contact” addon
- contract auto-renewal plugin
- Auto-numbering plugin
- Web lead
- Service portal
- extended views
- extended views Excel Export
- SharePoint integrations
- Custom Dashboards

.NET/General Programming Experience
•Experience with Agile Scrum software development
•Extensive experience with Dynamics CRM since v1
•Experience in all facets of CRM projects including pre-salessolutions architecture, business process design, andconfigurations and customizations.
•Custom Outlook plugins
•Integration to Microsoft platform products such as SharePoint
•Integration to 3rd party applications
•Portal development
•Utility development
•Workflow/plugins development
•Integration with Java/J2EE applications
•Custom Dashboards