Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's things like this that have me thinking it is time to bid ADIEU to MSCRM and software in general.

Today I was working away on a demo VPC image, and since I was about to make some changes to the image, I thought I’d better back up my virtual server hard drives, I always do that before making major changes. So I get the thing backed up and restart, and for some reason I’ve lost the network on the image. It was working fine before I exited, now it is not.

No idea why, no messages from Virtual Server or Windows. The physical network adapter is properly bound to the image, the Virtual Server Network services are OK.

I’ve been sitting here for 3 hours trying to figure it out with no luck. My blood pressure is through the roof and I am about to punch a hole in my monitor.

As a last resort I decided to re-install VS 2005 and that seemed to work for now but this *cannot* be a recommended fix.

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